Without the Friends of InTune Karaoke, we cease to in saying that we would like to thank all of you for your continued support and patronage over the years.
You would be amazed at the caliber of some of these singers! InTune Karaoke has been a forum that attracts unsigned Columbus artists, comedians and more! Some of these guys are recording demos, performing in stage plays, poets, singing in bands, etc. and they still take time out to visit our local shows! This is only one reson why we have the hottest R&B karaoke show in Columbus, Ohio.

Now some of our friends don't sing at all! These are the friends that motivate the rest of us and you too are highly appreciated!
We believe in giving back to the community. View listings and videos of some of the best artists in Columbus, Ohio and abroad!
COLUMBUS, OHIO  (614) 622-7599
Alvin Rodgers, friend of ITK acrss the miles. David Boyer, friend of ITK; vocalist, dancer, actor...Leroy Thornton, dynamic poet, actor, friend!My friend Alietra Ball can "sang," act, dance and light up a room with her talent. Kris is one of Columbus' hidden treasures.JB and Shhuga...I introduced these guys to one another at karaoke and lo and behold, they got married!Miss Reese, long time supporter...even former boss back in the day. Remember the Stardust on Courtright? Three of my favs...(L to R) Mz. Dee, Kirtsy (French Vanilla) and "Tink"Friend and supporter, Donna!Tia Stewart, one of the hottest vocalists in the city! She's simply amazing!Long time friend and phenomenal man of music, DJ Wise of XXplosive Music! Thanks for all of your support over the years!My friends ZF Taylor, Cookie and Kenny fo Destiny, the C.O.'s latest jazz and R&B sensation!Mz Dee, thanks for your support!Tammi Griffin, supporter and self-made businesswoman. Thank you so much for your support...wishing tou continued success!Long time freind and supporter, Tonya WalkerTania has been supporting ITK since the 90's!Shanna and Fela, great supporters of InTune Karaoke. That Fela girl can "sang!"Big Lou, former owner of Lobaro's, crooner and good friend!Saundra and DeShannaSaundra and DeShannaLong time friend Athena (L) and Danni (R) at Club BellagiosMizz ElLong time friend and supporter Chey, performing at the Legacy TavernMark, line dance guruMena, my third cousin!Jimmy McGee, creative musicianTalisha Holmes, phenominal talent!Chin, one of Columbus, Ohio's best female vocalistThe incredible vocalist Shaun Booker
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